February / 3 - 10 / 2020

Gourmet Week is a celebration of all things gourmet in the Bay Area. Artisanal foods, lifestyle goods, fabulous restaurants, and fun activities are all featured during Gourmet Week's online auction, February 3-10, where all proceeds go to support Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley, a French-American bilingual school in Berkeley.

This fundraiser provides important funds for EB students and families, 45% of whom receive tuition assistance. Savor the chance to add a little deliciousness to your life with Gourmet Week!

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Valentine's Dinner hosted by l'Apéro
This sold out Valentine's Day event from last year is back! On top of the mysterious Lone Mountain at the University of San Francisco, dine and romance with a tasty seasonal farm-to-table Valentine's Day French gastronomic-style meal, hosted by l'Apéro.

Semifreddi's Bakery Tour
For years, Semifreddi's Bakery has been providing the Bay Area with delicious breads and pastries! Get an insider's look behind the bakery magic, and learn why they continue to be a bread staple. They search the world for the finest ingredients; fennel from India, sesame from India and Central America, poppy seeds from Australia and the Netherlands, and more. Self proclaimed "pastry nerds," these folks know what they're doing.

Basic Knife Skills Class
One of the best tools in the kitchen is a chef's knife and getting comfortable with a knife takes lots of practice. So why not practice and learn how to properly chop fruits and vegetables like a real professional? This class is not focused on preparing a meal but rather providing you with lots of repetition to get you cutting, slicing, and chopping comfortably. Using vegetables as your guide, you will learn the proper, and safest, ways to use, store, and hone your knives.

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Ask your favorite restaurant to donate a gift certificate, host a themed party, offer a cooking class, help organize a class basket, or whatever you are happy to share. Get started by filling out our online form.

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The EB Gourmet Week Online Auction is a great way to promote your business by communicating to a captive audience of foodies within the Bay Area, while at the same time supporting a worthwhile cause. Sponsor Gourmet Week and get exposure for your business on the event's website and online auction platform. Get started by filling out our online form.

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